Hi, I'm Jonathan Bissell, Executive Coach
I empower leaders to experience enhanced productivity, communication, and confidence.
Why Coaching

Why do the very best all have coaches?

Elite athletes have coaches. Star performers have coaches. Even coaches have coaches. If you’re serious about your growth as a leader, it’s time to get a coach. 

Coaching creates shifts in perspective and behavior that enables results and builds momentum. Coaching helps you cut through mental barriers, engage in creative solution-finding, and grow your confidence to make better decisions and take more effective action.

Gain clarity and insight

Shift perspective and behavior

Become a better leader

“Many leaders are governed by the tyranny of the urgent and fail to realize their full potential. Self-aware leaders continually invest in themselves to unleash their greatness."

Jonathan Bissell
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Where can coaching take me?

Coaching isn’t counseling, and it’s not about your past. Coaching is about your desired future – and how you’re going to get there.

Executive coaching will help you achieve results that matter to your professional life and career. While you will likely experience carryover benefits into your personal life, the primary focus is on your professional life.

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Jonathan helps leaders learn and grow through engaging coaching conversations that shift perspective, increase clarity, provoke insight, and lead to action. Learn how Jonathan can help you achieve professional growth.


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